The community contracts with Waste Management (“WM”) for its trash services.  Trash is picked-up at the street curb on Monday and Thursday of each week, excluding the observed holidays as listed below (actual dates are noted if applicable to our pick-up schedule):

  • New Years Day

  • Thanksgiving

  • Christmas

Listed below are some general rules regarding trash pickup:

  • Trash is collected by WM at the street curb of each house. 

  • Trash should not be put out by the curb until after 5:00 PM of the evening prior to pick-up.  Trash should not be visible from the street until after this time. 


  • Two (2) items on the second collection day of each week.

  • Acceptable items include moving boxes (please break them down and bundle them), old furniture, and appliances.

  • Please note! WM can no longer dispose of CFC refrigerant containing items (i.e., refrigerators, freezers, etc.) without certification that the Freon has been properly removed and recycled, pursuant to current Federal law.

Per our contract with WM:

  • WM shall provide curbside collection of up to ten (10) items of properly packaged residential household waste, grass clippings, leaves, branches, tree trimmings, and other yard waste.  

  • Household waste, grass clippings, leaves, and other similar yard waste should be packaged in containers such as lightweight metal cans, plastic cans, and/or sturdy plastic garbage bags which are designed for use as residential garbage containers. 

  • Branches, tree trimmings, and other similar yard waste are restricted in diameters of no more than three (3) inches and are required to be cut in lengths not exceeding four (4) feet and securely tied in bundles.  Containers, bags, and bundles should weigh no more than forty (40) pounds each. 

  • Bulk items and white goods such as moving boxes, old furniture, washers, and water heaters will be collected at the curb on the Thursday service day and shall be limited to two (2) items (Note: Although WM is good about picking up certain amounts of this type of waste on the Monday service day, it is not contractually obligated to do so). 

  • Moving boxes should be broken down and bundled. 


  • Gasoline Paint

  • Vehicle Tires Large Pieces of Metal

  • Motor Oil (and used filters)

  • Construction Debris

  • Batteries

The customer service number at Waste Management is : (800) 800-5804

Waste Management will not provide a set guideline for trash pickups due to inclement weather situations (hurricanes). Please refer to the newspaper and news stations for updates. We will provide any information if available and if site maintenance is available.

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